annnnnnnd iiieeeeeiiiiiiiii will alwaaaays looove youuuuu. I’m finally curing my with Final Fantasy XI withdrawals

This picture would have included @michelle__doll’s nails also, but hers came out not so great haha 💁💁💅

Saturday night party hard haha. Playing Clue with @michelle__doll and her rad son

Ugh I’m on my third sappy romantic chick flick, curse my period. Curse it!

Round 2 smirnoff preparadas with the bestie @michelle__doll 🍹

psychotictrash asked: So beautiful !!

Aww :)
You are too!

The mistake is the stop in Texas, I’ve been having panic attacks all night just thinking about it, I think it’s because I worked so hard to get out, and I planned my departure at 17 so well, it was such a seamless exit.
Growing up I wanted nothing more than to escape because I knew there was more out there, I always knew I was supposed to amount to something great, so returning feels like regressing.
I come from nowhere, and I did it, I made it out, I made something more of myself.
I visit and see so many people I went to school with who are still just there, nothing is moving forward, so much nothing, and all my something’s overwhelm me with wanting to escape again, even if I know I’m only there for a short time.
I understand that these irrational feelings of being trapped are just that.. irrational, but nonetheless, they are what they are

Since I spent last years app conference pretty much trashed all week, I always try and think about just howwww I managed to spend so much money in one week…
Well, while I was packing yesterday I found this Liebeskind purse I had forgotten about completely, and I had a sudden flashback of drunkenly thinking this would be a good purchase, this thing was around $200 and doesn’t look very impressive.

Vegas.. Not even once.

I swear every other move I’ve made before has made me anxious and I’ve always felt intense dread and just a general bad feeling about.
But this move I feel nothing but calm happiness.
Like this is supposed to happen, and it’s completely right.
Nothing compares.

Last two days in San Diego, stop by Superfly tattoo, so I can make you all sorts of sparkly before I leave :D