Healed septum I did, upgraded to a gorgeous @industrialstrength helios clicker on the always awesome @lori_adams122208 #904 #piercingsbyashleydarling #industrialstrength

Rupert’s first strawberry 🍓

There’s an old ford ranger in the same maroon color that looks so much like my dad’s and it’s giving me anxiety.
I just wanna go home, I have pumpkin pie in the fridge :(

mugre-nina asked: I'm not anon but I've been wanting to purchase bvla jewelry and I'm not sure where I can find it in Las vegas

Club tattoo has a nice selection, I’m sure they can custom order you anything as well :)

Anonymous asked: Where's a good place to look for jewelry for piercers to order for yourself?

Are you asking what’s a good site where piercers order from? All the high quality companies are wholesale only, meaning you need to find a shop near you that carries or can order what you want. Email me at ashleydarling@icloud.com or come off anon so I can direct you to somewhere near you :) or help you further with exactly what you meant

I think I gave myself a migraine trying to figure out what pink I want my piercing room to be, I was going to go with the first one because I couldn’t decide, but I’m so stubborn about having a ‘barbie’ pink, a pink with blue frosty undertones. So I’ve narrowed it down to these four from sherwin williams, including the hot pink one. 1. Exuberant pink 2. In the pink 3. Fussy pink 4. Party time. Suggestions?

Anonymous asked: Will you be getting anymore bvla or gold?

I have a few pieces right now, but email me at ashleydarling@icloud.com and I can order you anything you like if you’re after anything specific :) it’s no problem at all

that awkward moment when someone you used to see/have a thing with, asks you to agree with him on someone else’s cuteness/heart appeal on facebook.
awkward lol

fresh septum with a retainer from Industrial Strength #904 #duval #jax #jaxfl #florida #jaxigers #jacksonvillefl #piercingsbyashleydarling (re-upload because I’m always forgetting my cutesy watermark)