#FFXI so haxx

Anonymous asked: I'm honestly really curious for the reasons you removed your horns? If you don't want to answer it I understand I'm just wondering :)

I never wore my bangs up, I swept them to one side, I’ve never liked them any other way.
so it always looked like I had one bump, some people actually asked if it was some sort of birth defect/growth/injury lol.
I do go through phases where I miss them, but it’s fleeting
I just got tired of them being in my way
They were the one modification that I didn’t put much thought into, I had them done during a filming for a documentary.
I yolo’d that shit.
Jk, except I’m not.


theseyears-my-darling asked: what's a good way to get over a broken heart?

Best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.

This is the part where I say jk.
But I’m not.

I’ll add a side note that you should truly love yourself, before you try to be loved by anyone else.

Leave it up to me to accidentally feel like I’m overdosing on ibuprofen, apparently 2,000mg is too much.
Wisdom tooth problems :(

I made a like page for my piercings, if you’re in the Jacksonville, Fl area, take a look :)


Selling some stuff I never wore/fit me too big
Bought from nastygal.com originally, and Motel


So apparently I look asian..
I’ve heard it before and just an hour ago.
So do I?

I’m 95% sure that this pain killer i was given for my wisdom tooth ache has no impact on me.
It worked for a bit earlier in the day, and then just gave me a massive headache, followed by being achy again.
Most pain killers tend to give me intense migraines, like my head is being squeezed, which is why I never understood how people take them recreationally.
I just took it again an hour ago, and it hasn’t kicked in, I feel every other feeling of taking a pain killer, except the actual pain killing part.
So so so overwhelmed with how painful it is, I don’t know what to do with myself, I can’t even bury myself under a blanket because they’re in the laundry, and it all seems so dramatic to me I actually cried :(
This tooth needs to go asap :’(

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering where I could purchase a money sign end for a microdermal. I've searched around the internet and bvla but couldnt find anywhere that sells them. :( just wondering if you could help me out in anyway! ♡

If you’re referring to the gold one that I used in one of my piercing portfolio pictures, that one is BVLA, they’re wholesale only.
If you come off anonymous I can talk in detail about it :)