Me when I have to do anything social

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Little bundle of cute :)!
Getting active and healthy, he’s gonna get so much love

😍 so much cute in such a tiny package. mothering this baby squirrel, hopefully he makes it so I can give him tons of love forever

The pain is too real

Anonymous asked: Hi Ashley, you're lovely! A few years ago I got 2 dermal anchor piercings(one on each collarbone), one has since rejected but the other is still there. The one that is still there does not seem to be deep enough and does not lay flat enough. My question is to fix will I have to remove it and start over? Or does it just have to be adjusted? Have you ever helped anyone with the problem I have before? Thanks!

Aw you’re too sweet :)
Once it starts to do that, you’d have to remove it, there’s no adjusting surface anchors. If you’re in my area stop by and I would be happy to help you out!

Restocked on some threadless ends from Neometal, along with some pretty gold on the last row from BVLA ⚡️

Anonymous asked: How much were your elf ears??

I don’t remember anymore to be honest, they were done so long ago, and they’re by Howie aka Luna Cobra, your best bet is to get ahold of him :)

gaygalaxies asked: oh hey did you take out your stretched labyrinth?

You probably meant labret* and yeah I had it reconstructed over a year ago :)

Because I never selfie anymore

My periods are way too fucking intense man.
I had to leave work early, and now I’m dying with a heating pad in bed.
It’s really too bad you can’t remove your uterus without a legit medical reason :/